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Picture Keyboard

The revolutionary full sized PC keyboard with 110 keys that are configurable to represent any image and perform any user configured function associated with those images.

PKB keyboards are business tools that can deliver up to 20% greater operator efficiency and accuracy in almost every commercial environment where the traditional keyboard/mouse are used whilst minimising the physical operator effects.

By employing the use of tactile self-labelling keys combined with a totally customisable workflow interface, PKB enables users to access and activate multiple data fields in the most efficient manner possible and in a way that is specifically tailored to any given workflow.

In short, by touching just one key on the keyboard the user can be presented with an entirely new set of functions including different languages or tools for specific applications, enabling users to move between multiple applications seamlessly.

Designed and built for commercial environments, the PKB keyboard is a robust, flexible and user friendly technology that has been proven in demanding commercial environments for over 7 years.

The fact is that in essence the qwerty keyboard has had no major innovations since the first mechanical typewriters were released with each key still performing just one basic function.

Across businesses globally, that’s all about to change...