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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost per button?

    As PKT is best used in an array of multiple buttons, this question can only be answered once we know the desired size of your buttons, the layout and the number of buttons in the array. Armed with this information we'd be glad to help you with a volume estimation for the price of the assembly and therefore the cost per button.

  • Is this technology proven?

    Sure is! PKT has been used in ground-breaking and commercially successful products since 2009 with most of these products still being used today.

  • Isn't glass bonded fibre optic material expensive?

    Historically, the nature of the manufacturing process for bonded fibre optics made from glass has meant that this material comes at a premium, however, recent developments from our partners at INCOM USA (www.incomusa.com) have resulted in a pioneering new technique of manufacturing bonded fibre optic image conduit material from polymer. This has had the effect of dramatically reducing the costs of the materials needed to make PKT devices and INCOM USA continue to invest in refining and improving this product every day. Due to the nature of this new manufacturing method, scaling production is also greatly simplified in comparison to using glass.

  • How thin or thick can the bonded fibre image conduit be made?

    Making it very thin would negate the benefits of using it, and being a highly efficient light conduit fibre optic, it can be virtually as thick as you like with negligible degradation to the transferred image quality.

  • What kind of displays can be used with PKT?

    Almost any type of display can be used: LED, LCD, OLED, even e-Ink.

  • What is the MTBF (mean time before failure) for the display used in PKT devices?

    This depends on the display used, but modern desktop displays often quote MTBF times of over 70,000 hours or eight years of continual use.

  • Which kind of key switches are used in PKT control panels?

    This varies depending on the design decisions made by the manufacturers of the panel. Switch technologies used to date include carbon pills, microswitches and optical interrupts. One of the benefits of this technology is it allows a choice of electrical switch techniques to be used. It's up to you!