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Industry Innovation

Industry Sector Applications

When your application requires speed, repetitive and confident operation, accuracy, and reliability or if the operator is in a moving vehicle, hostile environment, or if the operator is wearing gloves, the proven reliability of a physical moving button combined with a dynamic label provides reliable outcomes, reduces operator error and makes learning new mission critical processes faster.

How we can help
your business

Are you looking to develop a product where you can change the UI depending on the mode?

You would like to reduce the footprint of a control panel by consolidating controls into groups of buttons or modes?

Do you need to find an alternative to legacy screen-to-a-button picture keys?

You need to find a safer, more reliable, tactile option to a touch screen?

You are looking to develop an innovative and new type of user interface to fulfill a need in the market?

If you answered yes to any of the above we can help you with a solution.